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‘EastEnders’ star Max Bowden suffered with beard rash after kissing co-star Tony Clay

The actor plays the newest incarnation of openly gay Ben Mitchell in the BBC soap

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

EastEnders star Max Bowden says he suffered from beard rash after kissing co-star Tony Clay in the BBC soap.

Bowden portrays the latest reincarnation of openly gay Ben Mitchell in the long-running soap and the character is currently having an affair with straight and engaged Callum Highway.

During a recent episode, the two characters were spotted kissing by Ben’s brother and Bowden revealed he struggled with beard rash after spending two hours shooting a kissing scene with his co-star.

He told Inside Soap: “Tony and I were in a park kissing for about two hours – it was a massive bonding experience.

“We both had beard rash by the end of it.”

Bowden went on to say what he loves about the storyline and the massive positive response he has received.

“What was beautiful was the common ground between them – these are two proud, masculine men who’ve come from a similar background,” he added.

“Ben is starting to develop feelings, something he’s usually capable of dismissing – but Callum and Whitney are planning a wedding, so it’ll get complicated.

“We’ll have to see what happens there.”