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Eastenders’ Paul Coker’s death was the result of a homophobic attack

By Fabio Crispim

Eastenders revealed that Paul Coker’s (Jonny Labey) shock death was the result of a homophobic attack in last night’s (July 21) episode.


Boyfriend Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid) spoke to Johnny Carter (Ted Reilly) about the night, which he had initially described as a random mugging, and opened up about what really went down:

“When we left the club, we were taking selfies and laughing about something stupid”, Ben said. “These four blokes starting following us, saying “Come on then, you f*ggots”.  Paul said I should just leave it, but I didn’t, did I? I had to start mouthing off like I always do. Paul’s dead and it’s all my fault.”


This came after Ben denied that homophobia was at play when he was quizzed by police, who questioned him on why he hadn’t told them the pair were a couple.


As the fallout from Paul’s death continues, will Ben open up to the police and help get justice for Paul?

EastEnders continues tonight (July 22) at 8pm on BBC One.

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