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Drag Race UK: A’Whora’s nan forced BBC to censor filthy joke

Drag Race UK's latest eliminee reveals the real reason her filthy stand-up routine had to be bleeped by the Beeb.

By Will Stroude

A’Whora left the judges red-faced with her blue humour during this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, with part of her filthy stand-up comedy routine having to be censored by the Beeb during the broadcast.

But as the Worksop-born queen joins Attitude and Jodie Harsh for this week’s instalment of Tea Time in association with TAIMI the LGBTQ Dating, Chat and Social Network App, she reveals the real reason why one particular dirty joke relating to her nan had to be bleeped out entirely, despite other racy jokes remaining uncensored.

While it’s already been revealed what was said behind the bleeps (if you’re feeling brave, you can find out for yourself here), A’Whora has now revealed the censorship wasn’t down to the BBC at all, but to her nan.

Asked whether her raunchy comedy routine had received the seal of approval from her grandmother, A’Whora admits: “That’s the reason they beeped it!”

The 24-year-old drag star goes on: “My nan called them up and said ‘I don’t want those jokes going out on air’.

“Obviously production have to authorise things with people, just if you’re mentioning their name and stuff, so she said ‘Look, these things didn’t happen so I don’t want them on there!”

After a stunned Jodie Harsh points out that A’Whora was censored on Drag Race by her own grandmother, the newly-eliminated quips: “She said ‘I will sue!'”

A’Whora’s appearance on Tea Time in association with TAIMI is possibly the most piping hot, revelation-filled episode yet, with the top five queen also revealing that her Untucked bust-up with Ellie Diamond came after an unaired runway moment in which the queens were asked who they thought should be sent home.

The reason I was sat there and couldn’t look at her was because… what they didn’t air was prior to that they asked us the question ‘Who should go home and why?’, so that is why we were all so heated, because we’d all had this horrible question asked of us, and everyone dreads that.

She continues: “Ellie Diamond said my name, so that’s why I was like ‘You’ve tried to f**k me over once with the running order, and now you’re standing in front of the judges giving reasons as to why I shouldn’t be here after you’ve been my best friend throughout all of lockdown and you’ve stood by me.

“We’ve talked it out obvously since. In Untucked she got upset, I was holding her hand, we talked it out and had a moment and it was all fine, and that’s why she was crying when I left, because we are best friends.”

She adds: “It was hard. But we’re all cool.”

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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK lands on BBC Three from 7pm every Thursday, available exclusively on BBC iPlayer.