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DC Comics introduces gay, Grindr-using superhero

By Josh Haggis

DC Comics are gearing up to release a comic book series centering on an openly gay superhero.

Midnighter, who first appeared in the DC universe in 1998, has previously been seen raising a child with his former husband, Apollo. In the series reboot – set to launch on June 3 – the “hyper-confident” superhero will join gay app Grindr and experience single life for the first time following his split from his ex.


In a new interview with Comic Book Resource, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio teased details of the groundbreaking storyline.

“He hooks up with a guy, and is shocked to find out that he’s not frightened by the fact that he’s Midnighter,” said DiDio.

He continued: “The fact that these things in his Grindr profile are not jokes. He is a crazed vigilante with a heart of gold, and he’s shocked that’s OK, but this person says to him, ‘Dude, there’s a Superman and there’s a Justice League. It’s not that weird. It’s actually kind of hot’.”

DiDio went on to add the forthcoming comic book series “isn’t going to shy away” from the superhero’s sexuality.

“I think that’s really exciting. You want to root for him. You want to root for all our characters, and you want to see them go through all the trials and tribulations, because you want to empathize with them, and hope that they win at the end.”

“It’s a gritty story. It’s a gritty character. This isn’t a book that’s going to be shy about what it is or who he is. It’s fully embraced,” he added.

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