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Coronation Street star refused flatshare over his sexuality

By Josh Haggis

Coronation Street

actor Daniel Brocklebank has revealed that he and his partner were refused the right to rent a room because of their sexuality.

During tomorrow night’s (April 17) episode of the ITV soap, Brocklebank – who recently appeared in Attitude’s 2015 Naked Issue –  and his on-screen boyfriend will be seen being refused entry into a B&B on the grounds that the owner doesn’t agree with their lifestyle.

In a new interview, the actor has revealed that he’s experienced a similar situation in real life. He claims that after agreeing to move into a flat with his boyfriend, the pair received a text saying that they were no longer wanted because some of the tenants didn’t want to live with gay men.

Dan (2)

“We felt pretty shit to be honest,” he told The Sun. “It was a shock. It really brought it home that these sorts of things do still go on.”

The actor, who controversially plays a gay vicar on the long-running soap, went on to add that he still receives backlash over the role from some critics in the religious community.

“One religious group complained that they were upset Corrie wasn’t showing a vicar who was trying to steer people away from sin – because in their view there were no gay vicars. How short-sighted,” he said.

He continued: “But listen, I have been doing this job for 21 years and it’s not the first time I have received a backlash. I did the first man-on-man kiss in Emmerdale history. It got more complaints than I think the show ever had, which I was thrilled with!

“I have spoken to a couple of openly gay clergy. They were pleased when they learned Corrie was introducing a gay vicar because it’s great to have the issue highlighted,” added the actor.

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