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Coronation Street characters weigh in on gay cake bakery row

By Will Stroude

Art imitated life in Monday’s (July 11) episode of Coronation Street, when gay character Todd Grimshaw debated the Northern’s infamous ‘gay’ cake scandal.

The Christian-run Ashers’ Bakery in Northern Ireland sparked widespread debate when its owners refused to bake a cake with a pro-LGBT message in 2014.

In the episode, Todd (Bruno Langley) argues the case with Bishop John, the boss of his partner Billy (Daniel Brocklebank).

When Todd refers to the bakers in question as “clowns”, the Bishop replies that the cake debate was really about the “interpretation of freedom”, suggesting that baking the cake would infringe on the couple’s freedom to practice their religion.

Towards the end of scene Todd declares that the bakers’ freedom came “at the expense” of the gay customer.

Gareth Lee, the man who initially ordered the cake, complained to the Equality Commission, alleging that Ashers’ Bakery had discriminated against him on the grounds of his sexual orientation.

Ashers' Bakery and the pro-LGBT cake that caused the storm

Despite being backed by the Christian Institute, courts were in favour of Mr Lee, ruling despite the couple’s beliefs they were not exempt from the law.

The couple are currently appealing the decision.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on ITV.

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