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Clean Bandit’s Neil slams ‘misogynistic’ gay men for ‘mocking idolisation’ of famous women

By Nick Bond

Clean Bandit’s resident violinist, Neil Milan, has hit out at what he perceives as misogyny among gay men, highlighting what he called the ‘mocking idolisation’ of women in pop culture by many a gay man.

“How do so many gay men not c how misogynistic their mocking ‘idolisation’ of certain women in pop culture is? eg crap like unofficial insta,” Milan tweeted, referencing the popular Instagram account ‘Hunofficial‘, which posts tongue-in-cheek pictures and captions of largely B-list British celebrities, both male and female.

Neil Milan

Some fans weighed in to show their support for Neil’s views: “I love you for this! Thank you Neil for talking about serious issues on twitter,” wrote @NadineErskine, while @cautiondays wrote “Why do some gay men think their sexuality absolves them of male privilege and ability to help uphold marginalization of women?”

But it wasn’t long before the Hunofficial Instagram account addressed the diss, with a handful of oh-so-shady posts to their 13,000 followers aimed squarely at Milan:

Hun1 Hun2


Milan isn’t shy about speaking his mind on Twitter – just last month he used the platform to chastise fans who thought it was appropriate to say they wanted to ‘rape’ him.

The Clean Bandit star – and partner of Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander – turned 25 earlier this month, and we collated a selection of our favourite Neil pics n’ gifs to mark the occasion – take a look.

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