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Christine and the Queens on pansexuality: ‘Gender does not change anything for me’

By Will Stroude

Christine and the Queens’ debut album Chaleur Humaine took the UK by storm when it dropped back in February this year. With 2016 coming to a close, the synth-pop chanteuse has found her herself on more than a smattering of year-end, best-of lists and built an army of gay fans who have fallen head-over-heels in love with her left-field sound and French charm.

In 2014, the ‘Tilted’ singer – real name Héloïse Letissier – came out as pansexual. And in the latest issue of Attitude, we sit down with the breakout star to find out a little more about what that means to her.

“I’ve had relationships with boys, with girls, with trans people. Gender does not change anything for me,” she explains.

“When I desire someone, it’s always surprising for me because it’s never related to the gender. I do not have a preference for any gender, I’m confused in the best way by that.”

The singer revealed that, while she has dated people of all gender expressions, she resists the term “bisexual” because she feels it focuses to strongly on gender – something that barely crosses her mind when it comes to her romantic life.

“Bisexual is still binary, right?” the 28-year-old continues. It’s still male or female. It’s not how I think of my partners.

“When I’ve fallen in love with a man, I wish I could be a man myself I’m kind of obsessed with navigating different identities. Pansexuality is the only word that seems broad enough for everything that’s happening.”

Though she admits to being “confused” by her own sexual identity, Christine is absolutely in love with sexuality. “I’ve always, always been interested and excited about the concept of it and doing it,” she says.

“Shaking hands at parties, for some reason, feels more scary.”

Read our full interview with Christine and the Queens in the January issue of Attitude, which is out now on digital ( and in print in shops from Wednesday 7th December. Available internationally from


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