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Chloë Grace Moretz says it’s ‘unfair’ for children not to be taught about LGBTQ relationships in schools

The actress starred in the conversion therapy movie 'Miseducation of Cameron Post'

By Steve Brown

Chloë Grace Moretz thinks children should be given the ‘full range of the spectrum’ when it comes to relationship and sex education.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post actress has opened up about whether children should be taught about LGBTQ relationships at schools following multiple protests outside primary schools in Birmingham.

Speaking to the BBC, Moretz said: “I think children know what you teach them.

“I had two gay brothers in my family, and our little cousins have known my brothers as gay from the time they were little bitty babies.

“They grew up understanding that was a part of life and that love comes in many forms.

“So, I feel like there shouldn’t be an age limit to that – I think it’s unfair to the child.

“It’s just like saying, ‘I’m not gonna give my kid the full colouring box because right now they should only draw with black and white’ – we don’t work that way.

“Why not give them the full range of the spectrum to grow into themselves and understand that they have the world in the palm of their hand.”