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Cher agreed to eat a cow’s tongue after being unable to say one nice thing about Trump

The iconic singer has been outspoken with her disdain against the President

By Steve Brown

Cher was forced to eat a cow’s tongue after she was unable to say one nice thing about Donald Trump.

The iconic singer – who is about to be seen in the highly anticipated Mamma Mia! sequel – has been outspoken about her disdain for the President of the United States and during her latest TV appearance she stuck to her guns.

The 72 year old was playing a game of Spill Your Guts or Feed Your Guts with James Corden on The Late Late Show and was asked to say one nice thing about the President.

Corden asked her: “You’ve been outspoken about President Donald Trump, so can you say something nice about him?”

However, after deliberately for some seconds, the Believe singer couldn’t think of one thing and said: “There’s nothing nice about him. I can’t say one nice thing about him.”

Being unable to answer the question meant the pop legend and gay icon was left to munch away on a cow’s tongue.

Although appearing hesitant at first – even retching at the sight of the tongue – Cher started chewing at the tough meat.

During the game both the host and the pop star were forced to eat an collection of disgusting plates including a 1,000 year old egg, scorpions, haggis, a fish, chips and mushy peas smoothie, a deep fried chocolate bar and a Cornish stargazy pie filled with fish heads.

We are just proud she stuck to her guns and accepted the forfeit because, really, is there one nice thing about Trump?

We would all be munching on that meat if we were asked that question. No euphemism intended.

Watch the singing legend dig in to the slab of tough meat below: