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Brazilian rising star Jusky releases new single inspired by ex-boyfriend – WATCH

The pop and R&B artist has released the official video for his new single 'Just Beautiful'

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Rising pop and R&B artist, Jusky, has released his brand-new single ‘Just Beautiful’ – inspired by an ex-boyfriend who told him he wasn’t handsome enough.

Based in Porto Alegre, Jusky – whose real name is Juliano Agertt – started writing songs based on his own experiences in life and has already written and performed around 600 tracks.

Now, his latest single, ‘Just Beautiful’, is inspired by his own experience with an ex-boyfriend who once said he wasn’t handsome enough for him – we beg to differ judging from his Instagram account!

And Jusky wrote the song to promote the beauty within everyone, regardless of what people see.

He said about the single: “No specific gender, race or social status are mentioned in my lyrics because differences are what make us beautiful.

“This song was written to promote beauty no matter the skin colour, body shape or any physical features. Beauty is far beyond what our eyes can see.”

The official video for his latest single features people of all colours, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and sexuality.

Check out the video below: