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Beyoncé rips ear onstage, continues performance completely unfazed – WATCH

By Will Stroude

Considering that Beyoncé once continued performing immediately after tumbling down a flight of stairs, managed to catch herself falling and leap back up in perfect time during this year’s Super Bowl, and delivered a flaw-free rendition of Halo while her hair was caught in an industrial-strength fan during the Mrs Carter World Tour, it’s unsurprising that Bey is able to power through injuries mid-performance.

But her complete non-reaction to discovering her ear was bleeding after accidentally ripping an earring out of her ear is still a sight to behold, and one keen-eyed fan captured the moment on video.

The Formation singer was delivering an incredible performance of Haunted from her fifth album at the Tidal X 1015 concert on Saturday night (October 15), when she noticed blood. Without so much as a second thought, she glances at it, wipes it away – and even has the presence of mind to turn the movement into a choreography.

There’s a reason why she’s known as Queen Bey.

Watch Beyoncé’s captivating performance of 6 Inch and Haunted below.

The star returned at the end of the concert to encourage audience members to vote in the upcoming American presidential election after performing a soulful rendition of All Night, from Lemonade. 

Watch the performance – and her inspiring speech – below:

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