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Beverley Craven, Julia Fordham and Judie Tzuke join forces on Woman to Woman tour – Review

Three of the UK's most popular female singer-songwriters take a show of classic hits and brand new songs to The Union Chapel, London.

By Will Stroude

Words: Simon Button

Bringing together three formidable talents with very loyal LGBT fanbases – namely Judie Tzuke, Beverley Craven and Julia Fordham – the Woman To Woman ensemble have been playing sold-out shows to a rapturous reception and rightly so.

The chemistry between them is lovely and their harmonising is exquisite. Those harmonies make their self-titled debut album (a collection of new material and covers of each other’s songs) quite wondrous but it was even more thrilling to hear them performing live at London’s Union Chapel.

The tracklist consisted of joint singalongs – none more moving than on ‘If (When You Go)’  which, in such hallowed surroundings was almost a religious experience – and solo sets.

Judie did her evergreen ‘Stay With Me Till Dawn’ alongside such sublime self-compositions as ‘Bring The Rain’ and ‘For You’. Beverley did such hits as ‘Promise Me’ and ‘Holding On’ from her huge-selling debut album.

And Julia thrilled fans with the likes of ‘Happy Ever After’ and ‘Where Does The Time Go’ as well as ‘Stay’, a testament to her awesome songwriting skills that had the whole place on its feet.

They’re all great singers, although of the three Fordham has the most astonishing vocal range, but then Tzuke possesses great warmth and Craven has the driest wit.

It’s incredible to note that, having recently undergone a double mastectomy, Beverley chose to forge ahead with the tour dates (and will be back on the road with her gal pals next year after a course of chemotherapy) but her bravery fits perfectly with the whole spirit of the Woman To Woman enterprise – trailblazers amongst female singer-songwriters and true survivors. 

Rating: 5/5

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