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Azealia Banks bombards Zayn Malik with vile racist and homophobic abuse

By Will Stroude

Warning, this article contains language that someone readers may find offensive.

Apparently keen to make sure that her career isn’t just dead, it’s buried forever, professional troll and sometime rapper Azealia Banks has spent the last 12 hours bombarding Zayn Malik with a deeply unpleasant barrage of racist and homophobic abuse.

It all started yesterday following the release of Zayn’s video for latest single ‘Like I Would’, which Banks seemingly took issue with over similarities to her own look, taking to Instagram accuse the former One Direction star of “mood boarding the f*ck” out of her.

Damn Zayn be mood boarding the fuck of out me .. I’m not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie

A photo posted by Azealia Banks (@azealiabanks) on

Things came to a head a few hour later, when Malik cryptically tweeted that he could see someone “reaching”, but that he wouldn’t give them the oxygen of publicly by tweeting them directly as his “@’s too good for you”.

Unfortunately, as we know, Azealia Banks is not known for her level-headed disposition, and despite getting into plenty of trouble for her previous use of racial and homophobic slurs both online and in real life, immediately launched into vile tirade against Malik which contained some deeply offensive racial slurs.

Taking aim at the 23-year-old’s Pakistani heritage, among Banks’ repugnant comments included a jibe about being One Direction’s “token brown boy”, and calling his mother Tricia – who is of English and Irish heritage – a “dirty refugee who won’t be granted asylum.”

After being roundly turned on by Zayn’s follower and her own alike, Banks reverted to her predictably boring brand of homophobia, deeming the PILLOWTALK singer a “faggot” who “eat[s] sand for breakfast” and “suck[s] dick for dinner”.

Somehow, Zayn has managed to maintain a dignified silence throughout, but it seems that whatever her feelings, Azealia Banks is nothing if not confused…

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