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Australian Christian Lobby Group ‘outraged’ over gay dads in children’s program

By Fabio Crispim

ACL, the Australian Christian Lobby, is reportedly furious at ABC for featuring a same-sex couple on a children’s program.

Play School aired a short segment that showed two children who were being raised by a same-sex couple as part of their My Family, Your Family series.

Speaking to the Star Observer, ACL spokesperson Wendy Francis said, “Parents and grandparents should not be forced to explain to little children how it is that two men come to have a baby.”

“As a grandmother I find it disappointing that the ABC is seeking to include rainbow politics for toddlers when millions of their parents do not agree with redefining marriage law.”

Francis also said that “ABC should also not assume that producing children through harvested eggs and a rented or donated woman’s womb to meet the desires of two men is a public good.”

“As ACL warned in February this year, Play School is not the place for the ABC to run agendas… particularly as this is a taxpayer-funded program that should refrain from pushing confusing adult messaging to our children.”

Looks like ACL aren’t going to be happy when Australia introduces it’s same-sex marriage bill in August.

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