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13 Reasons Why’s Deaken Bluman pranked Timothy Granaderos during first kissing scene

The screen star reveals the hi-jinks the pair got up to during some of the hit Netflix drama's more intimate moments.

By Will Stroude

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking – not least when some of your first exchanges with your new colleagues involve locking lips in a room full of people.

Thankfully, Deaken Bluman wasn’t phased when he joined 13 Reasons Why as Winston William in the hit teen drama’s third season, a role which threw him headfirst into romantic storylines with not one but two fellow castmates, Miles Heizer (Alex) and Monty (Timothy Granaderos).

Deaken Bluman for the Attitude September issue (Photography: Collin Stark)

“It was the first time [kissing a guy] and it wasn’t strange to me, it wasn’t foreign,” recalls Deaken, 24, in the Attitude September issue, out now to download and to order globally.

“I was also playing a character, so it’s kind of like a great lie you get to hide behind… it was a good experience.”

The rising screen star adds: “I got to know these guys between scenes very quickly by asking them personal questions, like I was some sort of investigator [laughs]. It would open them up, I think.

“Timothy and I are from the same hometown in Kalamazoo, in Michigan — it’s so crazy. We already had an underlying connection [or] relationship because we are from that certain area.

Asked whether he got up to any hi-jinks during any of the show’s more intimate scenes, Deaken reveals he gave Timothy a kiss to remember – for all the wrong reasons.

“I did [laughs]! I did it with buffalo wings with Timothy [in] that first scene”, Deaken exclaims.

(Photography: Collin Stark)

“He kissed me so hard – when he kissed me it was almost like he punched my face.”

“So, we had a break, I went down [and thought], ‘I’m going to piss him off a little’, I’m going to eat some of these wings, smoke a cigarette, drink a Coke and make my mouth just disgusting.

“It was funny. He had this great reaction… you know, buffalo wings, a cigarette and Coke, it’s kind of a bad mix…”

Well, we’ll certainly never watch those scenes in quite the same way again.

Read the full interview in the Attitude September issue, out now to download and to order globally.

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