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11 times MTV’s ‘The Hills’ summed up your gay life

"He's a sucky person!"

By Attitude Magazine

With the news that The Hills making a characteristally dramatic return to screens in the form of The Hills: New Beginnings, we thought we should cast our minds back to one of the most iconic reality show ever made

There were highs and lows throughout The Hills’ six-season run between 2006-20010, as the show documented the lives of several early 20-somethings as they navigated work and relationships in the starry streets of LA, and we’re still not over beloved protagonist Lauren Conrad ‘pulling a Hailliwell’ and departing the series midway through season five.

In a pre-Kardashians world, the show helped define the reality television of today, birthing everything from TOWIE to Made in Chelsea (whether this is an accolade is a matter of opinion), as well as endlessly quotable pearls of wisdom from its drama-prone cast members.

Despite premiering 12 years ago, there’s no denying that The Hills endless slew of frenemy and boy-related bust-ups made for timelessly relatable viewing. Here’s 11 times The Hills summed up your gay life…

When you get some really good tea on someone you hate: 

hills gif 1

hills gif 2

When you’re out with your friends, it’s 10pm and a five is making eyes at you:

hills gif 4

hills gif 3

When your friend throws you a look of disgust while you’re making out with said guy at 4am:

  hills gif 10

When your friend comments on your Instagram selfie without liking it:

hills gif 5

When you debut a dramatic new look (surgery or otherwise):


When your BFF gets a new man and now only hangs out with you four times a week:

When last night’s mistake quietly leaves in the morning without waking you:

hills gif 6

When you’re sick of that bottom life:


When you clock that Grindr time-waster:


When you mix alcohol with real talk:


When your crush doesn’t text you back within two minutes: 

hills gif 7

And you see ‘recently online’ on his Tinder profile:

hills gif 9

Here’s to The Hills. The life guide that keeps on giving.


Words: Josh Haigh