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Boy Culture sequel now available on streaming services

"There is something startling and thought-provoking at every turn"

By Alastair James

Boy Culture: Generation X
Boy Culture: Generation X (Image: Provided)

The sequel to 2006’s Boy Culture is now available on streaming services for fans to enjoy.

Boy Culture: Generation X sees original stars Derek Magyar and Darryl Stephens return to their roles as X and Andrew as they explore love and relationships in the modern day.

A plot synopsis reads: “More than a decade after the events of the first film, Boy Culture: Generation X finds X (Magyar) and Andrew (Stephens), the on-again, off-again couple, now both 40, broken up and tensely sharing a home out of financial necessity.

“When X attempts to plunge back into his previous job as a sex worker, he’s in for a rude awakening — he’s no longer the flavor of the month, and the entire industry has been transformed by changing attitudes, online platforms, and PrEP. X reluctantly turns to a bratty Gen Z twink named Chayce (Jason Caceres) to guide him back into the business.”

Boy Culture: Generation X poster
Boy Culture: Generation X poster (Image: Provided)

Boy Culture: Generation X is co-written and directed once again by Q. Allan Brocka and sees Stephen Israel and Philip Pierce return as producers. The film is also co-writer by Matthew Rettenmund.

Marking Tuesday’s announcement Brocka said that the first film resonated with audiences because it “embraced our sexuality and sexual experiences.” And unlike many other films, it didn’t focus on trauma.

A trailer for the film shows a script filled with zingy one-liners and plenty of social commentary.

No doubt the star of the show (as far as the trailer is concerned) is newcomer Caceres as Chayce. The sassy Gen-Z kid will add a healthy sampling of attitude and the perspective of queer youth in 2023.

Reflecting on the film writer Matthew Rettenmund says it tackles many themes including race, age-gap issues, safe sex, bisexuality, and social media.

“There is something startling and thought-provoking at every turn,” Rettenmund also teased.

The original Boy Culture was generally well-received, many praising the film’s actors and filmmakers.

Boy Culture: Generation X is available on Apple, Amazon, Google, Comcast, and more from Tuesday 7 November.