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Bobby Brazier shares what late mum Jade Goody would make of Strictly stint

Exclusive: "What good is all this if I'm experiencing all these amazing things, but I can't bring anyone along with me?"

By Charlotte Manning

Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell
Bobby and Dianne delivered a gorgeous Couple's Choice routine last weekend (Image: BBC/Guy Levy)

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Bobby Brazier has opened up about what mum Jade Goody would think of his time on the hit BBC show

Last weekend, viewers saw Bobby, 20, dance a contemporary based Couple’s Choice with partner Dianne Buswell. 

Bobby left those watching moved with the gorgeous routine, which was dedicated to Big Brother star Goody. She died in 2009, aged 27, after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Opening up on the moment to Attitude, he explained the story behind the emotional dance, which was performed to ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Kate Bush. 

“I knew deep down that if I did get to do a Couples Choice, I would have always done it to that,” – Bobby Brazier

He told us: “Before I even knew Dianne was my partner, I had to do an introductory interview and answer some questions. Someone asked me what songs I would like to dance to, and ‘This Woman’s Work’ has always been one of them. 

“It’s so beautiful. It’s a song of feeling, you hear it in her voice and the way it makes you feel. I knew that I wanted to [dance to] that. 

Dianne and Bobby perform their Couple’s Choice last weekend (Image: BBC/Guy Levy)

However he admitted it was “quite daunting” to dance to his favourite track, which he described as “perfect”. 

He continued: “The way it’s sung is perfect, everything about it for me perfect. To put my stamp on perfection was kind of scary, but I’m so glad that we did. 

“I knew deep down that if I did get to do a Couples Choice, I would have always done it to that.”

His dad Jeff Brazier was seen supporting him in the audience, and shared a sweet tribute to his son after the poignant routine. 

Asked what it’s been like to have such great support from his dad and other family members, he explained: “It’s lovely. The support from everyone is lovely, but especially from people you see every day, who you go home to and maybe have a little rants them about the day. 

Bobby has been loving his time on Strictly so far (Image: BBC/Ray Burmiston)

“It’s nice to experience it, because what good is all this if I’m experiencing all these amazing things, but I can’t bring anyone along with me? I want my best mates and family to all experience it all together,” Bobby shared. 

The EastEnders favourite also gave his verdict on what he thinks Goody would think of his time on Strictly. 

“I think she’d find it all so much fun. She’d have so much fun seeing me do it,” he added. 

“I think she’d find it all so much fun. She’d have so much fun seeing me do it”

This weekend, they’ll be hoping to make it through to the semi-final of the competition, as the gear up to dance to a Salsa to ‘Time of My Life’ from the film Dirty Dancing.

But what can they tell us about the routine? Well not much. Bobby cheekily responded: “No, I can’t tell you [anything]. We’re taking risks.”

Pro dancer Dianne weighed in: “Yeah, lots of hips. We’re taking risks hips and depths. Many. Hopefully not dips, as in falls. It’s going to be a great dance. We’re really looking forward to it!”

It’s been a big week elsewhere for the duo, who have also been added to the billing for Strictly live tour in 2024. 

Dianne said: “It’s going to be so much fun. That’s the part where there’s less pressure. It’s still a competition, but no one ever thinks of it like a competition. 

“We just want to entertain people go out and have fun ourselves! It’s a nice way for the journey to continue on so yeah, we’re very excited.”

Bobby teased he would be taking it very easy in the run-up to the live dates: “To prepare for that I am going to do absolutely nothing. I’m going to achieve nothing in the month before it starts, but really excited.”

Strictly Come Dancing: Musicals Special airs at 7.25pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Saturday, 2 December.