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Big Brother’s Henry on ‘super strong’ bond with Jordan: ‘We’ve got plans lined up’

Exclusive: "To have met someone like Jordan, I never expected to come into the process for that"

By Charlotte Manning

Henry and Jordan Big Brother
Henry and Jordan formed a solid bond in the Big Brother house (Image: ITV/Instagram/@jordansangha)

Big Brother finalist Henry Southan has opened up on his relationship with winning housemate Jordan Sangha. 

Jordan was crowned winner of Big Brother 2023 last Friday (17 November), after the revival proved to be a huge hit with fans. 

And of course, one of the central talking points this year was the blossoming bond between Jordan and Henry. 

The pair were also involved in an apparent “love triangle” with Matty Simpson, before Jordan and Henry became closer.

“To have met someone like Jordan, I never expected to come into the process for that,” – Henry 

They shared several kisses on-screen, and fans even coined #Jenry to share their love of the duo.

Now, out of the house, it seems they’re keen to explore their connection further, with plans to meet up already on the cards. 

Chatting to Attitude about what’s next for them, Henry told us of the Big Brother experience: “Honestly, it was just unbelievably surreal. I never expected in a million years that I’d even get that far. 

“I thought I was going in that second week when I was up for eviction with Zak! To get to the point I got to was unfathomable,” he began.

Henry went on to share: “To have met someone like Jordan, I never expected to come into the process for that. 

“I thought I was going to learn a lot about sort of like different people from all walks of life, and then I’ve come out with this super strong sort of connection.”

He teased to Attitude his plans to see Jordan shortly after our interview: “I’m taking a bottle of wine over. I’m really excited to see him, we’ve missed each other!”

“We’ve definitely got a super strong bond and connection”

The housemate also dubbed the online response to their bond “bonkers”, as he recalled opening his phone to see various memes, and the pair’s joint hashtag.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” he said. “When I turned my phone on and I saw all of this ‘Jenry’ discourse , it was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ 

“I can’t even open my phone now without seeing these like edits of us in the hot tub and various other places, it’s so surreal and hilarious. 

“We’ve definitely got a super strong bond and connection,” Henry added.

When probed on what was next for the pair, it seems there’s definitely potential for a bright future ahead.

“I’m just excited to see how it goes now we’re out. We’ve got quite a few plans lined up. 

“Watch this space, we shall see. He’s great, I love him to bits.”