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Andreas Wijk shares new song ‘if I was gay’ with parents in tearjerking video

"It’s scary to be transparent."

By Alastair James

Andreas Wijk
Andreas Wijk shares his new song with his parents (Image: TikTok/

The Swedish singer and model Andreas Wijk has shared a tearjerking video that shows him playing a new song for his parents.

In a TikTok posted to his account on Monday (24 October) Andreas is seen in a car with his parents when he plays them the tune.

In the caption for the post he says, “A week ago I wrote a new song. I think it’s called ‘if I was gay’ and this morning I played it to my parents when they picked me up for lunch.

He adds, “It’s scary to be transparent. I’ve never really posted anything like this on here before.”

At the beginning of the video, a caption reads: “The scariest moment of my life” with a rainbow flag.

Over the gentle piano of the song are the lyrics, “If I was gay would I be what they say/just a stereotype?”

“If I was gay how do I get to heaven when there’s no ‘church in the wild’/ Tried to be honest but honestly I can’t/No I can’t,” Andreas sings delicately.

“If love is the same why is this not the same thing?/The same thing,” the song continues.

“I’ve never kissed a boy/Would I like the way it feels?/Picturing his face and I lose a piece of me/Play me all the classic love songs on repeat/None of them talk about what I feel”.

Here Andreas, who’s holding his Dad’s hand leans across for a hug as his Dad says, “It really feels like you are reflecting your whole life story in this song.”

After getting a positive reaction from both parents Andreas says, “I feel so relieved”.

No, you’re the one crying!