Straight guy wants gay friend to give him head, but will never return the favour

He posted his story on Reddit asking if his actions would upset anyone


We've all had experiences of the curious straight guy, whether it's a friend or someone hiding behind the facade of Grindr.

But one straight guy has taken it to the next level by asking on a Reddit forum whether he is selfish for wanting a gay friend to "seduce" him and give him head, when he would never return the favour.

Posted under the name "Halfaswag", the guy details the story that he befriended a group of gay guys and found himself getting more and more attracted to "Trish" - his friend who occasionally wears women's clothes and makeup - and admitted she is "SMOKIN!" and "gorgeous".

He wrote: "Here's where I'm conflicted. "Trish" is very flirtatious. Some of the others kinda are too but it's all in good fun.

"I've had gay compliment and flirt with me before and to me it's just flattering. Never had a problem with it.

"But Trish will sit on your lap and put his hands on you and joke about how much fun could be had etc. (To be clear he doesn't do this all the time. If we've hung out 20 times he's probably done this 4 times).

Straight (mostly I guess) guy conflicted. Would like to know what the gay community thinks. from r/askgaybros

"To some people this would probably be crossing the line and I even act like I'm "tapping out" or swerving in this game of "gay chicken".

"Like he's laid next to me and rested his head on my lap while I was sitting on the couch watching TV and I'll slide out acting like that's too much playing around me but the truth is I would TOTALLY let him suck my dick. [sic]"

He goes on to say how he has even thought about "Trish" when he is masturbating but said he could never touch "another guy's dick".

"I wasn't sure at first but it's gotten to the point where I've masturbated thinking about it so safe to say I'd be down," he continued.

"But I couldn't bring myself to want to touch another guy's dick (even Trish's) so I don't think I wanna put myself in a situation to let it happen if Im not willing to reciprocate. I'm just not attracted to dick in any way. [sic]"

He ends his post asking whether "Trish" is tricking his senses as he is an "convincing and attractive female" when dressed up.

He said: "So Bros. In your gay opinion, what's happening here? Am I a selfish straight dude with a gay side for receiving?

"Is Trish just successfully tricking my senses since he's such a convincing and attractive female when he's dressed up?

"As a gay man would you be bothered or upset if you seduced a straight guy into oral but wasn't gay enough to return the favour? So many questions lol [sic]"