Nicole Scherzinger to gay teens: 'You're not alone'

Nicole Press Shot1Popstar Nicole Scherzinger has spoken out against LGBT bullying - and urged those who are being bullied to remember "you're not alone". The 35-year-old singer and former X Factor judge is a vocal supporter of gay rights and has previously been photographed in one of Stonewall's iconic "Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!" T-Shirts. "I'm so passionate about it," she told attitude.co.uk recently, before offering some advice to young gay people being persecuted because of their sexuality. "Don't take that from anybody, but at the same time don't give your power and energy to them. If you need help find somebody to help you. Get out there and seek help because you're not alone." she said. "Find someone who will listen and help. Whether it's an adult, whether it's a peer; find someone you can relate to," she added. Scherzinger also said that she relates to LGBT teens who are struggling with their sexuality because she felt ostracised growing up as a teenager and young woman. "I always think I'm an alien, and then I find the other chicks, my best friends, who think they're crazy and aliens, too," Scherzinger explained. "[But] I found my kind where I don't feel like an alien anymore. I don't feel like I stick out like sore thumb. They're there for me and have compassion, empathy and understanding." The singer is currently preparing for the release of her new single Your Love, which is released on July 13. Watch a behind-the-scenes video about the making of the track below, and read the full interview with Nicole Scherzinger on attitude.co.uk tomorrow (June 21).