Gay dad imparts amazing sex advice to gay son during frank video drinking game

"If all dads were this caring we'd have flying cars by now" said one viewer.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: YouTube

Talking about sex with family members is a no-go area for many of us. 

But not, it seems, for this gay father and his adopted gay son.

Austin and his dad Craig took part in a drinking game for Cut over the New Year; the rules involved answering awkward questions or drinking a shot.

"Do you have any sex advice for me?"

One of Craig's questions was "who is the oldest person you've had sex with?"

To this, Austin replied: "Dated or had sex with?", before revealing he has hooked up with a guy in his 50s.

"Was that for money?" asks Craig.

What, your festive chats with your families were any different?

Austin then asks Craig: "Do you have any sex advice for me?"

To this, Craig says: "Enjoy it. It's not bad. It's one of the most potent and beautiful things two people can ever share."

"Well, sometimes it's more than two," Austin interjected. Touché.

Later, the conversation took a serious turn as Austin described experiences of homophobia and Craig replied: "'There are mean people in this world, and if you ever come across a harsh, ignorant person, years of dedication in a relationship between us both could be snatched out of our lives. I don't know what my world would be like without the thought of you."

Elsewhere in the video, Austin shares that he was adopted at 13 and was "noticeably gay from a very young age, four or five years old." He added that his biological parents were "hateful and homophobic."

Praising Craig's open mind and parenting style, one viewer commented: "If all dads were this caring we would have flying cars by now."

Another seconded: "The father is from 2080."

Said a third: "He seems like such a caring and good father. I am heterosexual myself and my father died when I was 3 years old and I would have loved to have a supporting father like this."

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