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Sam Curry spills: ‘Five things they don’t tell you about The Apprentice’

By Attitude Magazine

One of the latest evictees from Lord Sugar’s boardroom in the current season of The Apprentice, we’re certainly sad to see handsome gay contestant Sam Curry off our screens. The good news? Now he’s off the show, he’s free to dish a few secrets on what life’s really like on the show. Here it is folks, Sam Curry’s top five things they don’t tell you about The Apprentice


1. The house is part-beautiful Georgian terrace,part-Azkaban

There’s no internet, no TV and you get one, 10-minute call to friends and family each week so it’s just you, the other candidates, a few books and some cards. The production team guard your stuff while you’re on tasks so they’re strictly off limits until you’re on a rest day. Cabin fever doesn’t even begin to describe it. We had a group outing to the cinema once. We saw Pitch Perfect 2. God, kill me.

2. There are times when it gets a bit sexually tense


Married candidates aren’t allowed conjugal visits. You’ve got grown men and women bouncing down the stairs first thing in the morning in nothing but their underwear …

3. I’m pretty sure the show’s location scout was on acid

“Today we are at Samuel Johnson’s house, a renowned 18th century poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic. And that’s what today’s task is all about…pets.” Get it? Me neither.

4. Those boardroom scenes? Not filmed in Lord Sugar’s actual boardroom


Think about it – you’ve got 18 candidates, Lord Sugar, his two aides, the production crew and the camera men to squeeze in. The arguments? The criticism? That’s all definitely real.

5. The other candidates are real humans


Ruth? She’s a juicing goddess; thanks to her I can now make a knockout smoothie. Vana? She’s a walking, breathing Google Translate – and that eyeliner skill! Elle? She taught me how to get out of bed and look flawless in under 2 minutes. And Selena? Uh … I’ll get back to you.

Words by SAM CURRY