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Jack Walton on secret bum tattoo: ‘It makes people happy’

By Sam Rigby

The X Factor

‘s Jack Walton has admitted that he has a tattoo of a smiley face on his bum.

The singer – who was eliminated from the competition earlier this month – said that his stepbrother inked him with a tattoo gun he bought from eBay.

Jack Walton

Speaking to Attitude, he said: “When my mum’s partner moved in to my house with her kids, Aaron – who was the oldest – bought a tattoo gun off eBay, and it came in a box that said hair dryer on it, so you can imagine it was a bit dodgy.

“I was sat in my room playing Xbox and I heard this noise – the tattoo gun – and I went in all excited like ‘I want one, I want one!’ So he was like ‘where?’ and I said ‘Somewhere nobody can see it, just to say I’ve got one.’ He said ‘You want it on your bum, don’t you?’ and of course I was like ‘Yeah go on then!’

“So I was thinking ‘what do I want on my bum’ and decided on a smiley face, so every time I get my bum out it just makes people happy.”

If you fancy seeing more of Jack, you can watch him drop his pants for his Attitude photoshoot here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.22.49

Meanwhile, he recently spoke about the comments people made to him when they discovered that his mum is gay – read more here.

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