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Attitude’s top products for revitalising your skin in time for spring

By Will Stroude

Each month, celebrity hairstylist and Attitude Hair and Grooming expert Jason Collier is sharing his wealth of experience to help keep you looking razor-sharp and ready for any occasion…

It’s March, so spring has officially arrived (at least in meteorological terms) and it’s a great time to start thinking about changing up our haircare and skincare routines for the season.

Whilst going into spring in the UK doesn’t seem so obvious (to me, it’s still cold), I remain hopeful that I will be able to dump my winter coat anytime soon and enjoy a lovely walk back from work when it’s still light outside…

I’m getting a bit carried away, so let’s talk grooming, shall we?

I always start my spring/summer beauty overhaul with a moisturiser. Winter always leaves my skin feeling dry (thank you, central heating), so replenishing moisture is my number one goal. My go to face cream for the warmer seasons is the Aesop Perfect Facial Hydrating Cream, which absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave behind a heavy residue. It gives my skin a really nice matte finish as well, perfect for when the weather gets warmer and skin can look a little dewier thanks to the heat and sunscreen products.


Talking about sunscreens; everyone has by now realised how crucial they are to healthy skin, but a good reminder is always helpful, just in case you are one of these people who put off using SPF, like I did for years. Apart from the obvious anti-sunburn properties, SPFs help prevent facial brown spots and skin discolouration, and reduce the appearance of red veins and blotchiness. They also stop the premature ageing of the skin caused by damaging effects of the UV rays. For all these reasons, I use sunscreen all year long, but in March I tend to switch to stronger options. My favourite at the moment is Tom Ford Face Protect SPF 50. It’s lightweight, fast-absorbing and almost impossible to feel on the skin. Perfection!

During my evening routine, I swap the application of an SPF cream with a face oil. I know I might seem quite high maintenance, but since I discovered how great this last step of skincare makes my skin feel, after months of changing temperatures and indoor heating, there was no turning back. I also try to squeeze in some anti-ageing action into this step, because every little helps, right? I’ve recently discovered the Ermana Smooth Face Oil , which ticks all the boxes in terms of nourishing and hydrating my skin, using all-natural plant oils to boost collagen and keep skin feeling moisturised and looking youthful.

It’s not only the skin that needs some extra attention when entering into spring and summer. The days are longer and the sun is stronger, so if your hair is long, protect it from the negative effects of UV rays with appropriate products. Just like the heating and cold weather impacts your hair in a negative way, so does the sun. I like the Wella SP Sun UV Spray, give it a shot!


Your hair might also start frizzing due to the humidity. If your hair is shorter, or if you use quite a lot of styling products on a daily basis, take no action; but if your hair is longer a good anti-frizz spray is a must. Whilst it can happen to straight hair, curly and fine hair types are especially prone to frizzing in such weather conditions due to their structure – they often have lifted cuticles, which allows water to penetrate the strands easily, causing frizz. A quick spritz of the Smooth Force Lotion Spray from Redken will counteract this effect.


When it comes to skincare, spring is a fantastic time to deal with any skin issues and set in stone a new and improved skincare routine that will see you through the warmer months. Post-winter skins often need a bit of a helping hand to slough off that slightly grey pallor we can all fall prey to after months indoors with the heating up. So what better way to get into spring than with a lovely facial?

One of my favourite facials is the Signature Murad Facial, which I was fortunate enough to experience recently at Harrods. Dr Howard Murad is an American dermatologist, pharmacists and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. His vast experience in dealing with his patients over the years helped him to develop the solution-driven skincare products sold by Murad today.

It’s a bespoke facial experience, with each treatment exclusive to the customer; it begins with a personalised skin assessment to decide the best course of action for your complexion. Expect deep pore cleaning and thorough steam exfoliation, to sweep away dull cells and leave you with a brighter-looking visage. Then you’ll enjoy a de-stressing massage of the face, neck and shoulders, and a therapeutic serum and mask to correct any specific skincare issues you might have, followed by a moisturiser to ensure you emerge from the facial with clean skin that’s glowing with health. It’s an indulgence, but for me, totally worth it.

Take my advice and set aside some time this spring to reassess your skin and haircare needs; remember that what works for you in winter might not necessarily suit you in the springtime, so you’ll likely need to switch up your products and find a new grooming routine that works for you in the warmer months. Remember to keep an eye on my Instagram for my favourite product recommendations and tips and tricks as I find them – sharing is caring!

Jason Collier is an award-winning hair colourist and stylist to the stars, and Creative Director at the Matthew Curtis Hair Salon at The Rosewood London. For more visit and follow him on Twitter @jasoncollierjc.

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