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Trans charity Not A Phase to raffle unique designer t-shirts for Pride

"Linking designers together to customise [Not A Phase] tees with an extra sprinkling of Bimini."

By Emily Maskell

Three images of a model. One in a t-shirt the next in a designer-like elevated top and the third wearing a tie die shirt, purple gloves and a dark beret
Not A Phase raffle t-shirts modelled by Bimini. (Image: Max Barnett/Not A Phase)

The trans charity Not A Phase is opening a Pride raffle to win T-shirts designed by famous fashion designers.

The raffle will raise money to fund the charity’s awareness campaigning, social projects, and funding new initiatives for trans+ adults.

Pride raffle tickets will be sold for a chance to win a redesigned, one-of-a-kind Not A Phase t-shirt. 

The designers involved in this collaboration are Fiorucci, Christopher Kane, Gareth Pugh, and also Daniel W. Fletcher.

The collaborative designers have created 6 different t-shirts to be raffled off. Furthermore, designers have reworked the classic Not A Phase t-shirts to give them an exclusive twist.

Glyn Fussell, a trustee of Not A Phase, shared: “I have been a trustee for Not A Phase for a year now and the work they do for trans and non gender conforming people is SO crucial to our community.”

“Trans people have always been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ activism.”

“This is the first project where I have bought my worlds together, linking designers together to customise NAP tees with an extra sprinkling of Bimini.”

“Our aim is to raise as much money as possible through your £10 donations,” Fussell also added.

“Trans people have always been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ activism. It is now time we show up for them.” 

Founded in 2020, the UK charity aims to give the trans+ and gender non-conforming individuals space to thrive, whilst working with organisations on strategies to promote positive change.

Each week in May, Not A Phase will release tickets for one of the designer t-shirts.

Tickets are £10 and you will have 5 days to buy your tickets before entry closes and the lucky winners are drawn.