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War Paint for Men opens ‘world’s first men’s make-up brand store’ in London

In partnership with War Paint for Men.

By Will Stroude

Words: Brian Lenord; Images: Supplied

The ‘world’s first men’s make-up brand store’ has opened in London, aiming to overhaul outdated attitudes towards cosmetics among men. 

War Paint for Men, world’s leading male-tailored make-up brand, threw open the doors of its first dedicated store on London’s Carnaby Street last month, offering products including tinted moisturisers, concealer, beard and brow gels and more.

Currently selling products in 80 countries around the world, the British grooming brand says its aim is to “offer men more personal care choice”, and “improve male confidence”.

War Paint for Men’s Carnaby Street store promises to provide grooming enthusiasts and novices with an intimate shopping experience where they can learn about make-up options, trial products, and even get their hair cut by an in-store barber.

Hair and grooming services will be provided by The Lions Barber Collective, a group of not-for-profit top-flight barbers, trained in mental health support to help prevent male suicide, with proceeds from hair cuts in the store helping to save lives.

Founder of War Paint for Men, Danny Gray, 36, says that improving conversations around male mental and health and removing the stigma still associated with men’s make-up remain some of his biggest motivators.

“I’m so proud and excited to be opening the world’s first men’s makeup brand store in London”, Gray says.

“For me it was so important that this wasn’t just about opening a shop to sell products, it was about creating somewhere for people to have an experience. I wanted to create a relaxed, inviting place to help men feel comfortable to have a conversation and learn more about makeup, get a haircut or even talk about mental health.

“Everything we’re trying to do as a brand is about normalising men using products and tools to help them feel more confident and our store is here to do just that.”

War Paint for Men’s Carnaby Street store also boasts the latest in cosmetics technology, offering consumers the opportunity to have their own bespoke made-to-match foundation or tinted moisturiser created on the spot.

Using innovative new technology, the DCYPHER-powered technology takes a ‘reading’ of customers’ skin to accurately determine their own unique shade, with the option to choose their preferred texture, finish and coverage.

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