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Absolute Collagen on why you need a collagen supplement

In partnership with Absolute Collagen

By Steve Brown

Collagen is the largest and most abundant protein in our bodies.

Here, Maxine Laceby, the founder of Absolute Collagen, describes the function of collagen, the “glue” that holds us together.

We are made up of 70 per cent collagen, it holds all living tissue together and ensures the integrity, elasticity and regeneration of skin, cartilage and bones. Collagen is also found in the hair, nails, joints and intestinal tissue, even our organs are made of collagen.

When collagen becomes weaker and less substantial our skin begins to sag often showing as crow’s feet or turkey neck, doctors call this Ptosis. This is due to collagen depletion. 

As we get older, we may begin to experience other conditions linked to collagen deficiency, such as thinning hair and general stiffness.

When might I need extra collagen?

Collagen production peaks around the mid 20’s by the time we get to 40 we will have lost around a third of our natural collagen.

There is no lower age limit to taking a collagen supplement, we have many younger #absoluters who are all about prevention.

What else is a collagen supplement good for?

Absolute collagen isn’t just `Brotox’, its more than just drinkable skincare, the benefits are huge.

  •        Healthier, younger looking skin
  •        Stronger nails and healthier hair
  •        Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  •        Muscle repair
  •        Contains 18 amino acids that act as building blocks supporting your connective tissues and musculoskeletal health
  •        Increased skin hydration
  •        Support for your joints from the inside out
  •        Reduced shaving rash
  •        High in protein
  •        Gut health

Isn’t collagen simply a protein that cannot be absorbed?

Absolute Collagen has a 92 per cent absorption, the collagen we use has undergone a process of hydrolysation, this process breaks it down so it can enter the bloodstream, unlike other collagen supplements that simply get flushed out.

Why liquid and not tablets or powder?

Being a liquid, we guarantee no fillers or binders are in our product, these are often found in many collagen tablets and powders.

Also, liquid is absorbed quicker than tablets and powders and is digested further up the digestive tract, therefore avoiding stomach acids which can destroy it.

What makes Absolute Collagen different to other collagen supplements?

Each daily sachet contains eight grams of the highest-grade marine collagen, most brands contain the minimum amount of collagen needed to make the claim five grams.

The proof is in the reviews, Absolute Collagen gets results!