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Why are men so passionate about sport betting?

While sports betting is open to everyone, it tends to skew heavily towards men who are more passionate about sports betting.

By Will Stroude

Words: Supplied; Images: Unsplash

There has always been an interest in sports among men for as long as sports have existed. This interest often spills into supporting the teams and sports personalities they love. However, the excitement that comes with watching has not always been enough, and so people started to think about how they could include some risk in sports watching while making some money at the same time.

While sports betting is open to everyone, it tends to skew heavily towards men who are more passionate about sports betting than women. Why is this the case?

Demonstration of Skill and Competence

Men are competitive by nature and one of the best ways to show they are better than the men beside them is to demonstrate better skills and competence. In sports betting, men demonstrate their skills and competence by winning more than their friends and colleagues. Choosing a winning bet is a demonstration of skill and competence among men and this winning mentality is often a characteristic of what many consider to be traditional male roles and characteristics.

Social Interaction

For many men, betting is a social activity. Many have reported that they prefer to bet in shops or in the company of their male friends. In these settings, sports betting can help keep conversations going as men talk about the bets they have placed or are thinking of placing and as they explain their rationale for pacing these bets. This social nature also feeds into the need of men to show their betting skills and competence because if they win, then there are witnesses who have seen their competence and skill for themselves.

Making Money

Another reason why men are so passionate about sports betting is that there is a lot of money to be made in it if they know what they are doing. Making money in sports betting is often tied to extrinsic motivations, which are motivations that exist outside the individual and they often involve some form of reward for “winning”.

Apart from honing their betting skills to ensure they win larger sums, men are also always looking for the best way to win more. This can include betting large sums, betting more cautiously or using bonus codes that give them an advantage as soon as they sign up. Bonuses such as the Bet365 bonus give punters bet credits that they can use to place even more bets for more wins.

Entertainment Value

Watching sports is exciting enough but the excitement and adrenaline rush can be elevated to the next level by knowing you have money on the line. By placing a bet, the combination of watching the sport and knowing you have money on the line combine to make an even better viewing experience.

Sports betting also makes people feel like they have a stake in the teams or people they have bet on to win. They therefore root for these teams and people harder, leading to a more exciting and enjoyable experience.


Risk-taking is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why men love sports betting. Men love knowing that they can take a risk and that the risk will pay off, and this is exactly what sports betting offers them. This level of risk-taking also adds to the excitement of the sports because many men are very passionate about things they are invested in and that have a component of risk associated with them.


A common understanding among punters is that money won is often better than money earned. Earning the equivalent of what you earn per month in a single afternoon makes that single bet memorable and some men love to relive and reminisce on their big wins, be it in betting or in other areas of their lives.

Thrill and Suspense

No one knows the outcome of a game before it ends and this leaves fans in suspense until the game ends. This is the same with betting where bettors get to experience the thrill and suspense of not knowing the outcome of a bet until the final whistle is blown or the referee calls the game.

Sports betting is risky, exciting and challenging and these are all reasons that men are so passionate about it. Also, there is some joy and fulfilment to be had in knowing that you placed a better bet or won more than other people.