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Watch | Irish model breaks down gender norms in inspiring TED Talk

By Troy Nankervis

A gender-expressive model from Galway has appeared in an inspiring new TEDxGalway in which he discusses the social boundaries embedded around sexuality and gender norms.

In the video, Ivan Fahy speaks of the moments growing up where he realised he was different, and how embracing his uniqueness was key to making him feel proud of himself.

“It’s sad to think then, despite my mum providing such a loving home, she couldn’t control outside influences that would harm me,” he says.

“After primary school, I went to secondary school and my conforming continued. But things were different now, because my peers were expressing their sexualities.

“My heterosexual peers were flirting openly with one another but I couldn’t.”


Fahy says suppressing his sexuality during his youth led to a belief that same-sex attraction was wrong, and it was something that didn’t begin to change until he commenced a degree in Psychology and Sociology & Politics as a young adult.

“My graduation was a special day for me, not only because I graduated from university with a degree, but also because I graduated into my true self,” he added.

“The little boy I once was wore high heels to his graduation.”

You can watch the video below:

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