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This ‘smartwatch for the penis’ gives you or your partner pleasure via remote control or app

In partnership with We-Vibe.

By Will Stroude

Words: Brian Lenord; Images: Supplied

A new remote-controlled sex toy billed as a ‘smartwatch for the penis’ is set to open new avenues of pleasure for anyone looking to spice up their sex life, either with a partner or solo.

We-Vibe, creators of the world’s most popular couple’s massager, is raising eyebrows – and plenty more besides – with its latest creation, Bond – an app-controlled wearable vibrator ring that allows people with penises to discreetly take pleasure wherever they go.

Remote control sex toys have long been a staple of many couples’ sex lives, but until now, remote control sex toys for the penis have remained a relative rarity.

The We-Vibe Bond allows users to inject some titillating anticipation into any scenario, with 10 whisper-quiet intensity levels that can enhance foreplay and add an extra thrill to everyday activities or a date night liaison. And as any sex expert will tell you, the secret to better sex is anticipation.

The wearer can choose to dial up the pleasure themselves or relinquish control to a partner through a remote control or We-Vibe’s WeConnect App, allowing couples to share adventurous moments outside of the bedroom. Yep, app-controlled sex toys are no longer a futuristic fiction.

With an ergonomic shape sculpted from super-soft silicone, the We-Vibe Bond is one of the most wearable sex toys in the market, with a quick-release clasp and adjustable design that accommodates all, ahem, sizes, in comfort and safety.

Billed as “the only male wearable that can be put on and worn as easily as your watch”, the vibrator can be worn discreetly underneath clothing to keep your excitement up for up to two hours of battery life – the perfect sizzling start to any night of passion.

The We-Vibe Bond is available now for £119.