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RuPaul’s Drag Race star Willam Belli slammed over transphobic comments

By Will Stroude

RuPaul’s Drag Race 

star Willam Belli has shocked fans after making several transphobic comments.

The drag star, who appeared in the fourth season of the hit show, was accused of being transphobic after making the comments on her Fullscreen TV show Suck Less. 

During a segment on the show, Willam was joined by season 6 runner-up Courtney Act and the pair answered questions from viewers seeking help and advice, the Gay UK reports.

One female viewer asked for advice about dating a transgender man, saying she felt unsure about the relationship because he didn’t have a penis.

William replied: “Here’s the thing, he’s not your boyfriend if he’s not a boy and he’s not f*cking you… just because someone says they’re a boy, [it] doesn’t make them a boy.”

Referring to hormones and surgery, Belli said: “If they haven’t had the science, they’re not a boy yet. Just because you cut off your titties off and take testosterone, that doesn’t change your chromosomes.”

Courtney called Belli out, stating the comments were “transphobic” and that she had basically quoted Germaine Greer’s infamous quote that “just because you lop off your d*ck and then wear a dress, that doesn’t make you a f**king woman.”

Courtney saved the segment by offering the viewer some advice, saying: “You’re dating a trans man, by the sounds of it. Sometimes men have vaginas, and sometimes men have penises, and that is a fact of the world we live in.”

“[Just because he] does not have a penis, it doesn’t mean that he can’t pleasure you.”

Courtney and Belli’s debate over the controversial comments continued, with Courtney telling the Drag Race star: “It’s not up to you to choose how somebody identifies.”

Belli has since addressed the controversy surrounding his comments, saying: “I feel bad about how I made people feel about it and this is my official apology.

“I’m sad that me not knowing these things made my friends feel some kind of way. What I do makes me a known entity or a public figure, so I have to be more responsible for my words.”

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