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Piers Morgan calls Dr Ranj Singh a ‘humourless woke berk’ in Twitter argument about gender-related jokes

The two ITV colleagues took to Twitter in a heated discussion about Piers' jokes

By Steve Brown

Piers Morgan has called Dr Ranj Singh a ‘humourless ‘woke’ berk’ in a heated Twitter argument about gender-related jokes.

The openly gay doctor on ITV’s This Morning called out the host of Good Morning Britain after Piers – who has negatively spoken about gender identities on multiple occasions – has continued to make ‘gender-related jokes’.

Taking to Twitter, Dr Ranj said: “I am getting a little tired of @piersmorgan making gender-related jokes on TV for entertainment.

“Piers, this stuff may seem funny, but it actively harms vulnerable people.

“As a medical professional, I implore you: PLEASE don’t do it.”

Piers then responded calling the medical professional a ‘humourless’ berk and wrote: “Hi Ranj, I am getting a little tired of humourless ‘woke’ berks like you telling me what gender-related jokes I can & can’t make on TV for entertainment…

“I implore you: PLEASE don’t do it.”

Ranj – who came out in 2015 – then asked his ITV colleague to be ‘considerate’ in what Piers considers a joke.

“Nothing not do with being ‘woke’ or anything of the sort, Piers,” Ranj continued.

“I’m asking you as a medical professional & colleague to please be more considerate in what you consider a joke. I see the real results that such banter actually has.”

It’s not sure at what ‘joke’ Ranj is making a point at, however, on Wednesday’s (April 3) show, Piers said: “I’ve got a big announcement to make.

“I’m carrying a bit of timber. I’m identifying as skinny. I’m a trans-slender. It’s the new thing.”

His co-host Susanna Reid then asked whether she could now fat shame him to which he replied: “You can but because I’m identifying as skinny. I’m no longer fat.

“You can’t fat shame me because I’m identifying as skinny. I am officially trans-slender and I expected to be treated with the respect that my new status and identity affords me, which is that I’m skinny.”