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One Million Moms are protesting against a lesbian kiss on Once Upon A Time

By Fabio Crispim

Previously we reported that Once Upon A Time will feature the show’s first gay couple. 

Now, ABC’s popular TV show Once Upon A Time has come under fire by One Million Moms after screening a lesbian kiss, Gay Star News reports. 

Once Upon A Time is based on traditional fairy tales and in the episode that aired last Sunday (April 17), it showed Ruby, Little Red Riding Hood, bring Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz back to life with true love’s first kiss. They are the first gay couple to be featured on the ABC show.

The show was called “the most family-friendly drama on any broadcast network in the past ten years” since it aired back in 2011.


The producers for the show stated that including gay characters in the show was “important” so that homosexuality can be “normalised” rather than “marginalised”.

One Million Moms’ press release, they accused ABC of distorting and twisting the fairytales. They even attached an image of the kiss and said that, “One kiss breaks the spell, but many follow in a brief make out session as the munchkins from Oz watch.”

The press release ended with them saying, “Homosexuality continues to be over-represented in the media because producers want people, and especially kids, to think it’s normal and everyday life. In reality, that is their fairytale.”

You can catch the next episode of Once Upon A Time this Sunday.

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