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Mr Gay UK organisers respond to 30-stone man controversy

By Sam Rigby

Mr Gay UK organisers have addressed the controversy surrounding The Guardian‘s recent short film ‘What happened when a 30 stone man entered Mr Gay UK’.

The documentary followed Stavros Louca as he entered and won the London heat of the annual competition, but was later disqualified on a “technicality” – watch the video here.

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Their statement reads: “When Mr Gay UK viewed the short documentary for the first time on Monday, we were totally shocked and unaware of the situation regarding Stavros being replaced as the London heat winner.

“Following our investigations we would like to make it clear in 2012 there was not an official representative from Mr Gay UK in attendance at the London heat and that the judges and audience decision appears to have been overturned at the venue without our knowledge.

“Mr Gay UK strives to endorse equality and encourages diversity and positive searches for a good role model for our community and beyond. The Mr Gay UK team are disgusted by the treatment Stavros has received and do not condone this at all.

“We would like to extend our apology to Stavros for this terrible decision, had we been made aware we would have objected.”

Thomas Wales, a Mr Gay UK Project Manager, added: “This has highlighted improvements which need to be made for next year’s competition, 2015 which entries will be opening soon.”

Following the publication of the documentary, current Mr Gay UK and Mr Gay World Stuart Hatton – who recently kept hold of his UK title for a second year running – offered to meet up with Stavros for a photoshoot, and condemned his disqualification.

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