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Morrissey considering to run for Mayor of London

By Fabio Crispim

The formed Smiths frontman is considering to run for Mayor of London. He would run under the orders of the Animal Welfare Party and is said to be taking the contest “very seriously” despite needing 330 signatures to ender the race.

On his website, Morrissey says:

“Animal welfare groups cannot persist simply in order to continue to persist. There must be a governmental voice against the hellish and archaic social injustice allotted to animals in the United Kingdom simply because those animals do not speak English, otherwise millions of very caring citizens are greatly concerned about issues that no one is able to do anything about.”

Further on he says: “If animal serial killer Jamie Oliver feels so passionate about including ‘kid meat’ (young goat) into the human diet, would he consider putting forth one of his own kids (children) for general consumption?

“If not, why not? What makes such people have absolutely no forgiveness towards animals? What hate drives them?”

You can read the rest of Morrissey’s latest outburst on his website.

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