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TikTok stars Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo announce divorce

Nicky Champa has commented on the breakup.

By Emily Maskell

Nicky Champa wearing a cap holding up a peace symbol and Pierre Boo smiling in a beanie.
Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo (Image: Instagram/@itspierreboo)

TikTok influencers Nicky Champa and Pierre ‘Boo’ Amaury Crespeau have broken up.

Champa, 27 years old from Dallas, Texas, and Crespeau, 36 years old from Paris, France, both have over 3 million followers on TikTok.

The pair tied the knot last August with a ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The couple had shared their lives and relationship online since 2017, growing a following across their joint social media accounts.

They were known for uploading a mix of thirst traps that was also sprinkled with romantic content as they chronicled their travels as a gay couple. 

On Sunday (9 July), Crespeau signalled the couple had gone their separate ways. He posted to his Instagram story: “We broke up.”

Additionally, on Monday (10 July), Champa posted to his TikTok to address the news.

“I’m sure you’ve heard the news about the decision that Pierre and I have made to end our relationship,” Champa stated.

“I’m going to make many videos like this… it’s a way for me to process the situation.”

He went on to state the way their break was announced was “not how I planned on doing it. I wanted it to be done in a formal way, which I did.”

Champa also noted he gave Crespeau the opportunity to do that together.

“I lost myself in this relationship, incredibly.”

“When you involve real situations in an artificial world, it gets very complicated. I often described it as a Black Mirror episode.”

Furthermore, speaking to Out, Champa cited the pressures of social media and the age gap as core factors that led to the breakup.

“It was almost like I felt trapped within an ideology of what we’ve become,” he then continued. “I can only speak for myself. I lost myself in this relationship, incredibly.”

Nicky Champa also added: “I think my biggest goal is to find my voice.”

“For a long time I was kind of shadowed by the brand that we created and I didn’t have the platform or space to be myself. That’s what my focus will be going forward.”