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Man to sue California rehab facility after employee coerced him into having sex for drugs

The victim claims the employee performed oral sex on him before allowing him to buy heroin

By Steve Brown

A man is suing a California rehab facility after an employee allegedly coerced him into having sex in exchange for drugs.

The man – known only as Robert – was admitted into the Sovereign Health Group’s Palm Desert facility last year for heroin addiction and was housed in an apartment complex run by a house manager.

The house manager – who was responsible for supervising access in and out of the building – was a man named Adam Salcido (pictured), FOX 10 reported.

Robert – who identifies as heterosexual – revealed he immediately began to suffer from withdrawal symptoms and claimed Salcido took advantage of him.

He said: “He proposed to me that if I would allow him to perform sexual acts and favours on me, that he would give me free drugs.”

In an email exchange obtained by FOX 10 shows Salcido promising to buy heroin for the recovering drug addict.

The email reads: “Here’s my number, if you let me suck your dick, I’ll buy you heroin! Don’t tell anyone, cause I got suspended for asking the same question once already.”

Robert first turned down his advances but eventually, his need for the drug was too much and he gave in and Salcido cornered him in the back of the kitchen.

The victim recalled: “There was one point where he had me trapped in the pantry in the kitchen, throwing himself at me, waving the money in my face, I made him give me half of the money before the oral sex.

“He saw a man in pain, imagine having the flue and the doctor waving the antidote or the medicine right in your face, you’re gonna do anything you can to get yourself better.”

After performing oral sex on him, Salcido gave him $150 then allowed him to leave the facility and buy drugs from someone in a nearby park.

Robert then reported the abuse to Sovereign Health but nothing was done about it and he was forced to check out of the facility.

Now he is suing Salcido and the facility for sexual battery and oral copulation.

Doug Rochen, Robert’s attorney, said: “My client was weak, he was fragile and he felt he had no other choice but to comply.

“They gave him money, they gave him access, all of that was at the cost of him having to feel as if he was gay, when he was a heterosexual male, by forcing him to receive oral sex.”

Robert revealed the incident caused him to relapse and lost contact with his family and claimed the trauma will haunt him forever.

“He saw me hurting in my worst state, and he completely took advantage of the situation,” Robert added. “It makes me feel like less of a man every time I think about it.”