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LGBT people more likely to buy a home or change job in next six months, survey finds

By Ben Kelly

A new poll has found that LGBT people are more likely to buy new homes and change jobs than their straight counterparts.

The research by LGBT insurance company Emerald Life found that 60% of community members are planning for significant events or purchases in the next six months, underlining the social and economic contribution we make to the country.

It also appears that LGBT people are more likely to be starting a new relationship or moving in with a partner.

While it seems LGBT people are more often making changes to their lives at home, the research showed they are less likely to be planning a big holiday abroad than straight people.


The data was collected by polling 2,023 people about their upcoming financial plans.

Emerald Life is the UK’s first LGBT insurance provider, offering home, term life, wedding and pet insurance, with travel to follow shortly. Its aim is to offer an alternative to generic insurance products offered on a ‘one size fits all’ basis, which often overlook the specific needs or concerns of LGBT people.

Emerald Life launched on March 30, with Chairman Steve Wardlaw telling Attitude, “For me, it is a matter of serious concern that even in these more enlightened times, the LGBT community does not have true equality of experience in the financial sector.”

His sentiments were echoed by CEO Heidi McCormack, who said, “At Emerald, it’s not just about providing a set of insurance products, we want the inequalities we have highlighted to become a thing of the past.”

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