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LGBT+ Conservatives mocked over ‘Strong and Stable’ Tory condom range

The limited edition condoms are accompanied by slogans such as 'Labour isn't working, but this condom will'.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Pexels

Who said political parties are out of touch? The LGBT+ Conservatives would probably argue that they’re certainly not with their latest venture – a limited edition run of branded contraception.

Ahead of the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham (2-5 October) the LGBT+ wing of the Tories has announced its “unique, patriotic approach to safe sex,” which includes a variety of slogans.

A release from the group, sent to Attitude reads, “With the party conference season upon us, this is surprisingly, a time for young love to blossom. From longing glances across the Hyatt bar, to grinding up at the Pride Party with famous faces.”

Continuing that “with the taste of liberalism on their lips, and capitalism in their hips,” Tory members are “ready to create the next generation of Brexiteers and Liberalism enthusiasts” at the annual conference. 

“With the smell of STIs and unwanted pregnancies in the air, one group is tackling the conference sex drive head on, with their unique, patriotic approach to safe sex,” it continues in bizarre fashion. 

A generic blue condom not related to LGBT+ Conservatives (Photo: Pexels)

The release details some of the slogans that will accompany the limited-edition condoms and dental dams “for lucky attendees to arm themselves with,” which include “Strong and Stable”, “Unleash Britain’s Potential,” and even “Labour isn’t working, but this condom will (*99% of the time)”.

Patrons of the LGBT Conservatives have been added their support to the project with some personalised editions. Among them is Gary Sambrook with “Strap it for Sambrook”, Peter Gibson with “Glove it for Gibbo”, and Emma Best with “Bang for Best”. 

Speaking on the initiative, Elena Rose Bunbury, the Chair of LGBT+ Conservatives says, “We all know people like a good time at conferences, and we’re here to help ensure that happens safely. We will be handing these out all throughout the conference free of charge for as long as stocks last to anybody who visits our ‘Queeries Bar’ in the main conference hall.

“This is just a small step in the work we have done towards safer sex, but we hope it provides a fun tool and useful memento for all those using them.”

As you might expect, the reaction to the initiative has involved a fair amount of ribbing (pun definitely intended)

One person joked it was the “boner killer range”. Another added: “how to become soft in 15 seconds”. 

One person questioned: “is this for real?” Yes, weirdly. 

Someone else wrote: “This is *soooo* f***ing weird”

On a more serious note, others pointed out that given the rising rate of inflation in the UK, the cost of living crisis, and the current leadership campaign whether there was something more worthwhile focusing on. 

The Attitude September/October issue is out now.