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LGBT College students return to campus to find homophobic note and Pride flag torn and burnt

By Fabio Crispim

A group of transgender students from the University of Tennessee’s Pride Centre published a pronouns guide earlier this year which included “ze, hir and hirs”.

But since the publication the Price Centre has been the target of vandalisation as windows have been broken, the letters ‘LGBT’ scratched off signs and Pride flags have been snatched.

According to Gay Star News, the students returned to the Pride Centre this week to find that the Pride flag had been torn down, burnt and a note had been left for them which read:

“F*gs get AIDS more often” and then added the Hillary Clinton campaign hashtag ‘#I’mWithHer’.

The Pride Centre released a statement on their Facebook page about the incident and said:

“Unfortunately, a vile act was committed this holiday weekend. Upon arriving to the Pride Centre, one of our students found one of our rainbow flags had been torn to shreds and a homophobic note left in its place. This is the environment that we face so often.”

“After out windows were broken out in February, we’ve known that we had to have a more obvious presence on campus. We call on all students who can safely do so, staff, faculty, and administration to take this for the serious act of hatred and violence this is.”

“Use your various powers and privileges to fight ALL forms of bigotry wherever you find it. Fight the state legislature, who have set the tone for what’s acceptable in this state.”

“Together. we can and will make a difference. We will remain here, remain strong, and will not be intimidated and forced back in the closet. Not now, not ever.”

Campus police are reportedly investigating the incident.

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