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Homophobic thugs attack memorial service for Polish transgender woman who committed suicide – Watch

The service was held to remember Milo Mazurkiewicz who ended their life after transphobic abuse

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Homophobic thugs attacked a memorial service for a Polish transgender woman who committed suicide.

Over the weekend, a group of LGBTQ people and allies gathered on the Łazienkowski bridge in Warsaw, Poland, to remember Milo Mazurkiewicz – a transgender girl who took her own life by jumping off the bridge.

Mazurkiewicz – who was non-binary – struggled with transphobic abuse and before taking their life earlier this month, they wrote on Facebook: “I’m fed up. I’m fed up being treated like a piece of shit.

“Sometimes it makes me fight even more, sometimes it makes me want to end it all and stop my life right here. 

“Sometimes it’s just makes me want to cry.”

During the memorial service on the same bridge, the peaceful gathering was disrupted by a man who started to pull the 20-metre long rainbow flag.

The attacker hit a photographer and cyclists who were passing by before starting to tear the flag.

Wotjek Levicki, one of the organisers, said: “The attackers ripped apart the flag, tearing the purple piece I was holding with Ania.

“Violet in the flag symbolises spiritually-spirit. We showed them that they would not break our spirit.”

Two of the thugs from the upper portion of the bridge have been arrested, but no one from the bike path attack has been apprehended.

Watch the horrific footage below: