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Chris Evans perfectly sums up the ‘Straight Pride’ in Boston

The 'Captain America' star hit back at the three men trying to plan a 'Straight Pride'

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Chris Evans has hit back at the three men trying to organise a ‘Straight Pride’ parade in Boston, Massachusetts.

In was reported this week that Mark Sahady – a member of the right-wing group Resist Marxism – is one of the organisers between the ridiculous march – which is reportedly set to go ahead in August – along with Republicans John Hugo and Chris Bartley.

On the website for the ridiculous parade, it reads: “Straight people are an oppressed majority. We will fight for the right of straights everywhere to express pride in themselves without fear of judgement and hate.

“We want the same parade route as the Boston Pride Parade [and] the same accommodations given for the LGBTQ+ parade.”

Now, the Captain America star has hit out at the ridiculous heterosexuals and perfectly summed up they are trying to ‘bury’ their own gay thoughts.

Writing on Twitter, the actor said: “Wow! Cool initiative, fellas!!

“Just a thought, instead of ‘Straight Pride’ parade, how about this: The ‘desperately trying to bury our own gay thoughts by being homophobic because no one taught us how to access our emotions as children’ parade?

“Whatta ya think? Too on the nose??”

In another in response to a straight man slamming the ‘Straight Pride’, Evans said: “Wow, the number gay/straight pride parade false equivalencies are disappointing.

“For those who don’t understand the difference, see below. Instead of going immediately to anger(which is actually just fear of what you don’t understand)take a moment to search for empathy and growth.”