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Anti-gay hatred has a new logo in the form of this unofficial Trump bumper sticker

By Will Stroude

With only three weeks to go until the United States of America decides its fate, tensions are running higher than ever before.

Now, a bumper sticker spotted in Orlando, Florida, has summed up the division and hatred fanned by the campaign of Republican candidate and former reality star Donald Trump, Gay Star News.

Listed on Fast Decals, the sticker shows a man decorated in the Confederate flag kicking a man decorated in the Pride flag – and of course, one Trump supporter was keen to twin the offending artwork with a separate ‘Trump 2016’ sticker.

While the two stickers aren’t officially affiliated, the eye-catching symbol of political extremism and homophobia quickly went viral after other drivers began to take pictures and share them online.

This morning, Fast Decals had taken down the sticker and instead replaced it with a new peace symbol combining both the Confederate flag and the Rainbow flag.


It was only last month that Trump’s running mate Mike Pence threatened that if the former reality star’s presidential bid was successful, he would work to remove pro-LGBT policies that President Obama has put in place during his eight years in office.

Whilst Trump has made his views about the LGBT (and pretty much every other) community clear, he still has his share gay supporters. Last week it, was reported that at Trump’s recent rally in North Carolina, an anti-Trump was attacked by a man wearing a ‘Trump for Gays’ t-shirt and waving a gay pride flag.

US citizens will go head to the polls on November 8, when this whole sorry era will either be over, or begin a chilling new chapter…

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