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30 LGBT people, places and things you need to know: Phyll Opoku

By Fabio Crispim

While there still may be a long fight for equality ahead, and tragic events like Orlando proving that homophobia is still prominent in today’s society, there’s also plenty to be happy about, and so many reasons to be hopeful for the future.

In Attitude’s July Issue – available to download and in shops now – our editor Matthew Todd marks his final issue at the helm of the magazine with his list of 30 people, places and things that makes us happy.

And because frankly the national mood could do with a lift this week, we’re giving you a peek at a few of the people, places and things that made the list – up next it’s…

Phil Opoku


Known as Lady Phyll, she is co-founder and executive director of UK Black Pride. She has worked for the Public and Commercial Services (PCS), the largest civil service trade union, as the only black female negotiator in the area of law and justice bargaining and is now the head of political campaigns and equality. She has worked tirelessly to build UK Black Pride by bringing together activists, artists, volunteers and supporters from across the community.

“There are currently more than 70 countries in the world were homosexuality is still a crime; the majority of these countries have a prominent racial demographic which falls under the political term of ‘Black.'”

“Even closer to home, transgender rights are still an issue in first-world countries such as the USA, and gay marriage is still not recognised in Australia. Black Pride is essential in this present time because it is a way to spread knowledge and love among the LGBTQ community and those who want to help or are uneducated about the fights in that community.

Many organisations are bringing the LGBTQ rights issue to the forefront in places such as Russia, but what about our brothers and sisters in Jamaica, Ghana, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Samoa, Paraguay, and Venezuela? This is why Black Pride still matters.”

You can read Phyll’s feature, along with the other 29 people, things and places that make us happy in Attitude’s July Issue, available to download now from and in shops now.

Print copies are available to order globally from

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