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13 Reason Why star Tommy Dorfman takes a stand against gay ‘cure’ therapy

By Will Stroude

13 Reasons Why 

actor Tommy Dorfman has hit back gay ‘cure’ therapy in Brazil following last month’s controversial ruling on the abusive practise.

Last month, judge Waldemar de Carvalho overturned a 1999 law that forbade psychologists from offering treatments that claimed to “cure” gay people. He also allegedly referred to homosexuality as a “disease”.

Now, 25-year-old Dorfman, who plays  who plays gay student Ryan Shaver in the hit Netflix drama series, has collaborated with illustrator Paul Tuller to make a fundraising t-shirt in support of LGBT rights in Brazil.

All proceeds from the shirts will be donated to Grupo Gay de Bahia, Brazil’s oldest nonprofit organisation defending LGBT rights. The t-shirt has the words “Cura Gay” on them, translated to “Gay Cure”.

However, the word “Cura” on the shirt is crossed out, leaving only the word “Gay”.

Taking to Instagram share images of the shirt, Dorfman wrote: “Being gay is not a disease and there is no cure. If even one of us is under attack, we all are under attack. The only thing to do is stand up and fight back. #NoGayCure

Speaking to the Advocate, Dorfman said: “So many of my fans and supporters live in Brazil, and it pains me to see them not feel legitimized for who they are and who they are attracted to.”

He addd: “This idea that you can ‘cure’ homosexuality is appalling and simply not true. There is no Cura Gay, there’s just gay. Or not. Or however you identify, and nobody should have say over something so personal and inherent.

“I hope this shirt resonates with people and we’re able to raise a shit ton of money for the GGB to resist this ruling.”

To support Grupo Gay Bahia, you can buy a Cura Gay t-shirt here.

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