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Get the inside scoop on celebrities who love sports betting

Charlie Sheen, Tom Cheeseman, and Charles Barkley all enjoy the occasional bet.

Celebrities who like betting
Celebrities who like betting (Image: Wiki Commons and Instagram/@tcheeseman1995)

The vast majority of us have the misconception that renowned celebrities have incredibly busy lifestyles and do not have the time to participate in the activities that we enjoy. However, that is not completely accurate!

There are a variety of celebrities who partake in the pastimes that the typical person enjoys, and you might be shocked to learn that some of your favorite stars may also participate in sports betting!

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley (Image: Wiki Commons)

The renowned former basketball player and close friend of Shaquille O’Neal is no stranger to the world of sports betting. He has previously struggled with gambling and is known to have lost millions of dollars playing a variety of casino games. However, when it came to sports, he used to place his bets simply because he loved to watch.

Barkley, a former world-famous basketball player, is undoubtedly aware of what it takes to win a game, regardless of the sport, and as a result, he had an understanding of what to do and how much money to wager when betting on sports. Although Charles gave up gambling for the greater good, the former basketball player treats himself to a few wagers here and there to remind him of some of his favorite moments of excitement when betting on sports and playing them too.

Ted Cheeseman

Tom Cheeseman
Tom Cheeseman (Image: Instagram/@tcheeseman1995)

Ted Cheeseman, often known as The Big Cheese, is a professional boxer who is in his late twenties. He is the current light-middleweight champion of Britain, having held the championship from 2018 to 2019. This young athlete’s bright future has also put him in a position for the European crown in 2019.

Cheeseman’s early success has not only gained him fame, but it has also garnered him a significant amount of money. People who attain wealth at an early age have the propensity to live extravagantly, and the “Big Cheese” was undoubtedly an example of this.

Betting has been a passion for him ever since he was 18 years old. You may have made a bet on Ted using one of the new betting sites in UK if you, like Ted, appreciate gambling. Ted previously invested tens of thousands, and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars, in sports betting.

Even though sports betting is meant to be a relaxing pastime, it may also be used to win significant amounts of money. It’s great to watch your favorite sports team play, and the enjoyment is only increased when bets are made and won. There is no greater pleasure than making predictions and getting to see them come true, all whilst making a profit as a result.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher (Image: Wiki Commons)

This actor became famous for starring in That 70s Show, which is where we first saw him as a lovable character in the movies and TV series of the 1990s. He has appeared in a wide variety of films and television series, and he is also well-known for hosting some of the most successful reality shows in recent history.

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Ashton enjoys sports betting. No one can argue with the fact that he is an incredible actor. Kutcher, in contrast to many other celebrities who are active in the world of sports betting, has enjoyed a great deal of success for one simple reason: he employs his own technique.

Kutcher is not someone who bets on sports for the sake of fleeting excitement; instead, he is a strategic sports bettor who makes judgments based on the application of mathematics and science in relation to one another.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan (Image: Wiki Commons)

When Michael Jordan chose to place his first bets on some of the most renowned matches, he was completely overlooking the fact that the NBA prohibits any and all forms of gambling.   There are speculations circulating that the reason he retired so quickly was that he was actually suspended due to this.

It is believed that, in addition to basketball, his favorite sport was golf, and that he once bet more than one million dollars on a game and ended up losing the money. The specific sum was never disclosed to the public, and some believe the figure is far more than a million dollars. Some fans suggest he should have stuck with what he was good at, but perhaps he’s earned more money betting on his favorite games than he did by playing them.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen (Image: Wiki Commons)

There is not a single other celebrity who is more deserving of being included on this list than the infamous Charlie Sheen. Although he is known for his struggles with addiction and his 2017 confession that he is HIV positive, a surprisingly small number of people are aware that one of his favorite pleasures is betting on sports.

It has been reported that in the past Charlie would spend more than two hundred thousand dollars on his favorite games. It’s also reported that he did this frequently, placing weekly bets and that he would gamble a lot of money, but thankfully, win much more.

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