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Chick adopted by gay penguins named Queen in honour of rock band

And it's a kind of magic.

By Jamie Tabberer

A chick adopted by a pair of gay penguins in a Spanish aquarium has been named Queen, it has emerged.

Which, of course, is almost too cute and too queer for us to cope with.

A rep for Oceanografic aquarium in Valencia, Spain told Attitude the name was “in honour of the rock band” of the same name.

We’re sure Freddie Mercury would approve!

Queen came to be born after keepers noticed broody same-sex couple Electra and Viola had created a nest.

Too much cute (Pictures: Provided)

They then gave them an egg from heterosexual penguins to see if it would hatch.

The aquarium said of the unhatched chick on Instagram: “The two have been able to adopt, incubate and raise the egg of another couple, something that, although it is common in many species in nature and zoological centers, is the first time that happens in our aquarium.”

They added: “It was the breeders themselves who trans-located a fertile egg from another couple when they saw that they began to carry out habitual actions prior to reproduction, such as building their own nest.

“We are super proud of the moms.”

Similar hatchings have taken place in zoos in Berlin, Germany and Sydney, Australia

Queen, Electra and Viola are one happy family and were we can only assume were named by a drag queen (Pictures: Provided)

The news comes as Queen – now fronted by American Idol alumni Adam Lambert – recently returned to the top of the UK album charts with Live Around The World.

It is the group’s first number one album in the country in 25 years.

Congrats guys!

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